SIET is committed to provide quality education along with the overall development of students, and to be the good citizens of this country. As part of making the students strong both academically & socially, several number of programmes are designed and implemented to enhance their technical skills, Inter personal skills and their well being both physically and mentally.

As part of the enrichment and capability enhancement the following programmes are conducted in the college regularly:

A) Competitive Examinations: - In preparing for the competitive exams like GATE/ IES etc., every dept is having the study materials from various coaching institutes.

B) Career Counseling: - A career counseling cell is established in the college with the TPO as one of the members. Several eminent personalities from various companies/organizations visit the college and give pre talks about their organization and counsel/ motivate the students to learn those technologies.

C) Soft Skills: - As most of the students who join in our college are from the rural background in order to provide better orientation towards placement in MNCs, Soft skill development programs including reasoning, aptitude & verbal ability are taught in the college to improve their success ratio.

D) Remedial Coaching: - Students who are weak in academics are recognized and are given special training by conducting remedial classes in the required subjects, in order to make them on par with others in the class.

E) Language Lab: - Communication skills are very much essential in this ever changing world. Special emphasis is given for improving the listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in the English language.

F) Bridge Courses: - It is observed that some of the students who join in the engineering course are weak in fundamentals and / or may not have studied those courses. In order to make them academically strong, bridge courses in Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry and Basics of C language are taught to the needy students.

G) Yoga and Meditation: - Believing that “A Sound Mind in A Sound Body” efforts are being made to the holistic development of the students by introducing them to the Yoga & Meditation classes conducted at regular intervals in the college premises.

H) Personal counseling: - At times student with poor academic and financial background join the institution. The loss of head of the family and/or sudden reversal in their fortunes, some students suffer with lot of agony. Such students need to be treated with empathy and support. Student personal counseling is one such priority area and is instrumental in the overall development of student during his/her college life. In order to make campus life beautiful for every student who joins in this organization, Personal counseling will be conducted regularly and all possible efforts are made to make the students stay comfortable during their course of study.


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