Class Representatives Committee


Roles of the CRs Committee:

  1. To guide the students about rules of attendance, Industrial visits, sports, medical leave, etc.
  2. Addressing Student Queries.
  3. Meeting the parents of students and informing them about their ward’s progress.
  4. To coordinate with the class teacher of the respective class to update attendance in case of medical leave, sports, etc.
  5. Collect information regarding the academic and personal problems of students and arrange remedial classes, counseling sessions in consultation with the HOD.
  6. Update student data regarding student achievements in academics, sports, extracurricular activities.
  7. To guide the students about guidelines of R13 and R16 regulations.
  8. Any other duty assigned by the Principal/HOD.

Roles of the Class Representatives:

  1. Class Representatives are expected to closely watch their classmates and must report any abnormality to the class teacher/HOD.
  2. Class Representatives should make a note of the Daily Syllabus Coverage and any deviation in time table must be brought to the notice of class teacher/HOD.
  3. Class Representatives should actively participate /cooperate in conducting various events in the class(curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular)
  4. Class Representatives should guide their classmates to maintain proper discipline in the class/campus.




S.No. Name ­Regd No Designation Role
1 Dr T Madhu   Principal Chairman
2 Mr K S S Narayana   Assoc Professor Coordinator
3 K.Ashok 17EM1A0551 CSE-I YEAR-A Member
4 A.S.G.L.Prasanna 17EM1A0509 CSE-I YEAR-A Member
5 M.Uday Gopi Krishna 17EM1A0557 CSE-I YEAR-B Member
6 Y.Anitha Lakshmi 17EM1A05A5 CSE-I YEAR-B Member
7 J.Lalitha 16EM1A0535 CSE-II YEAR-A Member
8 B.Sai Ganesh 16EM1A0515 CSE-II YEAR-A Member
9 T.Pooja 16EM1A0592 CSE-II YEAR-B Member
10 M.V.Naveen 16EM1A0556 CSE-II YEAR-B Member
11 Ch.Manikanta Baba 15EM1A0516 CSE-III YEAR-A Member
12 A.Vijaya Durga 15EM1A0503 CSE-III YEAR-A Member
13 M L Srinivasa Reddy 15EM1A0555 CSE-III YEAR-B Member
14 K Rama Sri Jyothi 15EM1A0572 CSE-III YEAR-B Member
15 R Sarvani 14EM1A0533 CSE-IV YEAR-A Member
16 Ch.Manikanta 14EM1A0510 CSE-IV YEAR-A Member
17 G.M.Manasa 14EM1A0553 CSE-IV YEAR-B Member
18 M.Sai Durga Reddy 14EM1A0575 CSE-IV YEAR-B Member
19 D Sai Durga Prasad 17EM1A0420 ECE-I YEAR-A Member
20 A Geetha Priya 17EM1A0405 ECE-I YEAR-A Member
21 P Ayyapa 17EM1A0462 ECE-I YEAR-B Member
22 L Vijaya Padma Sree 17EM1A0450 ECE-I YEAR-B Member
23 K.Divya 16EM1A0438 ECE-II YEAR-A Member
24 A Yuva Raju 16EM1A0405 ECE -II YEAR-A Member
25 P V L N Vivek 16EM1A0462 ECE-II YEAR-B Member
26 G Bhavani 17EM5A0401 ECE-II YEAR-B Member
27 K Udayam 15EM1A0438 ECE-III YEAR-A Member
28 Md Sajid 15EM1A0448 ECE-III YEAR-A Member
29 R H K Sri 16EM5A0420 ECE-III YEAR-B Member
30 P Surya Teja 15EM1A0464 ECE-III YEAR-B Member
31 K Ramya 14EM1A0412 ECE-IV YEAR-A Member
32 G S Phani Sandeep 14EM1A0450 ECE-IV YEAR-A Member
33 R Durga Prasad 15EM5A0438 ECE-IV YEAR-B Member
34 V P N V S Priyankari 147C1A0414 ECE-IV YEAR-B Member
35 Ch.John Ratnam 17EM1A0304 MECH-I YEAR-A Member
36 P.Badri Ranga Prasad 17EM5A0318 MECH-II YEAR-A Member
37 Ch.R.Sai Kumar 15EM1A0318 MECH-IIIYEAR-A Member
38 V.Pavan Kumar 15EM1A0393 MECH-IIIYEAR-B Member
39 D.B.Krishna Vamsi 14EM1A0311 MECH-IVYEAR-A Member
40 Md.Sadhik 15EM5A0331 MECH-IVYEAR-B Member
41 G N S D Prasad 16EM5A0203 EEE-III YEAR Member
42 M.Sai Kumar 14EM1A0205 EEE-IV YEAR Member
43 Ch.Ganesh Reddy 17EM1E0007 MBA I YEAR Member
44 T.Surisha 17EM1E0035 MBA I YEAR Member
45 L.G.Mani Kanta 16EM1E0007 MBA II YEAR Member
46 D.Kusuma Ratnam 16EM1E0011 MBA II YEAR Member