Society No. 228/2013


Functions and Objectives:

  • To select members of the Managing Committee or confirm them.
  • To serve as a forum striving to get a proper blending of the theoretical and practical aspects of the Engineering to the students on roll.
  • To approve the report of the activities of the society.
  • To help the students passing out of the college in securing employment consistent with their qualification.
  • To maintain the contacts of the Alumni with the alma-mater.
  • To institute scholarships, book banks etc. for students of the college.
  • To organize Social action programs to alleviate injustice and inequality among under privileged sections of Organization.
  • To keep the old students informed of the growth and development of the institution.
  • To create and maintain discipline, self-confidence, trustworthiness, loyalty and honesty among the people.
  • To give an opportunity to the old students of the institution to take part in the responsible tasks of building up and maintaining the traditions of the institution.
  • To foster a cordial relationship between the past and present students of the institution.
  • To undertake formal, non-formal and adult education programs to educate rural people and also community development programmes for the development of tribal and rural.
  • To transact any other matter for the benefit of the society.

The following are members of the college Alumni Committee for the academic year 2017-18.


S.No. Name Designation Role
1 Dr.T.Madhu Principal Chairman
2 Mr.P.Hema Kumar Asst. Prof - ECE Coordinator
3 Mr.B.Yugandhar Asst. Prof - CSE Member
4 Mr.R.V.Manikanta Asst. Prof - Mech. Member
5 Mr.B.Ramesh Asst. Prof - EEE Member
6 Mr.K.N.V.Narasimha Rao Asst. Prof - S&H Member
7 Mrs.M.Vanitha Jyothi Assoc. Prof - MBA Member



Responsibilities of the Alumni Committee :

  • Maintaining the contacts of the Alumni with the alma-mater, keeping in touch with alumni regularly and updating the employment status of alumni every year.
  • Creating the database of the passing out students every academic year.
  • The committee must meet regularly to plan and organize the annual Alumni meet.
  • Record the activities or events conducted by the alumni.
  • Keep record of the alumni who appeared/qualified in the state/national/international level competitive examinations and who got awards in national/international level sports/cultural activities.
  • Taking the feedback from the alumni and seeking confirmation from them for participation in the alumni meet.

The following are the members of the present Managing committee to look after the affairs.

S.No. Name Father’s/Husband Name Designation
1 Dr. S.Ramesh Babu S.China Venkata Subbaiah Garu President
2 Dr.T.Madhu T.V.Subbarao Garu Vice President
3 Mr.T.Suresh T.Surya Satyanarayana Secretary
4 Mr.G.Satyanarayana G.Koteswara Rao Joint Secretary
5 Mr.A.Rama.V.S.Gupta AVS Nageswara Gupta Treasurer
6 Ms.S.Navya S.V.Gopala Krishna Rao E.C. Member
7 Ms.K.Naga Hema Devi K.Syamala Rao E.C. Member


Duties of the Managing Committee


The President shall be the sole authority. He shall preside over all the meetings of the society. He shall decide in case of tie in the meetings. All the transactions of the society shall be carried out in the name of the President. The President has the authority to terminate or suspend the members of the association. He shall be the constitutional head of the society. Society correspondence and all type of letters etc., will be approved by the President. The President shall be the chief controlling and supervision officer of the society and shall exercise all the powers of the managing committee in case of emergency. He will be in best contact with the society. He shall closely watch the administrative and the other work directly affecting the interests of the members and initiate suitable action.


In the absence of the President, the Vice - president shall act as the President with the permission of the President. He will assist the President in the activities of the society.


            The Secretary shall convene all meetings of the society. He shall be responsible for carrying into affect, the resolution of the general body as well as those of the managing committee. He will maintain the records of the society safely. He will prepare the annual report of the society and submit it before the President for inspection and gets it approved by the annual general body.

The Secretary has the following powers

  1. To appoint, dismiss or otherwise punish any salaried employees of the society.
  2. To accept the resignation of members.
  3. To sanction all the contingent expenditures of the society.
  4. To supervise the punctual payments of fees etc,.
  5. To take policy decisions from time to time in order to create better facilities to the members and better amenities to staff and members.
  6. To take such suitable steps as and when necessary to augment the financial and economic positions of the society and for the benefit of members and staff.
  7. To make such rules for the internal management of the society as it may think fit, subject to the confirmation of the general body.
  8. Every major expense shall be incurred only by the president with the previous sanction of the managing committee.
  9. To shift the location of office and appoint sub-committee whenever it is felt necessary.
  10. To transact any other matter for the benefit of the society.


He shall carry out instructions of the Secretary from time to time and assist him in all his duties and in the absence of the secretary, he will exercise or carry out the powers and duties of the Secretary.


He will maintain accounts of the society properly . He will retain the funds of the society with the banks, post offices, societies as per the directions of the President and the Secretary. He shall be entitled to collect the funds, subscriptions etc,. for the society. When withdrawing any amount from the bank, post office for society, the cheque shall be signed by the President and the Secretary.


They will attend to the affairs of the society as per the directions of the managing committee. They will do other works relating to the society and strive for the development of the society.


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